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The Inviting Coventore (GIFT FOR COVENTORE) by Wolfpro2014
Mature content
The Inviting Coventore (GIFT FOR COVENTORE) :iconwolfpro2014:Wolfpro2014 3 2
Tobias Headcore (Gift to Hushabye) by Wolfpro2014 Tobias Headcore (Gift to Hushabye) :iconwolfpro2014:Wolfpro2014 4 2 Vincent the Shark (Late, Extremely Late BDay Gift) by Wolfpro2014 Vincent the Shark (Late, Extremely Late BDay Gift) :iconwolfpro2014:Wolfpro2014 5 10 Rochele with Coffee (AT with Louizim) by Wolfpro2014 Rochele with Coffee (AT with Louizim) :iconwolfpro2014:Wolfpro2014 6 2 Silatri as a Battle Medic by Wolfpro2014 Silatri as a Battle Medic :iconwolfpro2014:Wolfpro2014 4 11 Teravo Revamp by Wolfpro2014 Teravo Revamp :iconwolfpro2014:Wolfpro2014 3 0 Silatri Sketch by Wolfpro2014 Silatri Sketch :iconwolfpro2014:Wolfpro2014 2 2 Quick Fire Drama by Wolfpro2014 Quick Fire Drama :iconwolfpro2014:Wolfpro2014 2 2 R14 Revolver Mk1 by Wolfpro2014 R14 Revolver Mk1 :iconwolfpro2014:Wolfpro2014 2 4 Chibi Vandal by Wolfpro2014 Chibi Vandal :iconwolfpro2014:Wolfpro2014 6 11 Cute Silatri by Wolfpro2014 Cute Silatri :iconwolfpro2014:Wolfpro2014 3 4 The Nightmare in Clash Royale by Wolfpro2014 The Nightmare in Clash Royale :iconwolfpro2014:Wolfpro2014 7 8 Natasha and Eric Soroseen (Trade) by Wolfpro2014
Mature content
Natasha and Eric Soroseen (Trade) :iconwolfpro2014:Wolfpro2014 11 17
Rampage Penetrator Pistol by Wolfpro2014 Rampage Penetrator Pistol :iconwolfpro2014:Wolfpro2014 3 12 Rampage Spec Ops Armor by Wolfpro2014 Rampage Spec Ops Armor :iconwolfpro2014:Wolfpro2014 4 42 Trianna Posing by Wolfpro2014 Trianna Posing :iconwolfpro2014:Wolfpro2014 4 5


Personal: Shardie Wants Belly Rubs by BlackDragon-Studios Personal: Shardie Wants Belly Rubs :iconblackdragon-studios:BlackDragon-Studios 22 58 Carmena Dating Simulator XL by TheBMeister Carmena Dating Simulator XL :iconthebmeister:TheBMeister 73 50 All Children are welcomed here by wsache2020 All Children are welcomed here :iconwsache2020:wsache2020 208 13 Shizame Akanzatsu by ShizameWrath Shizame Akanzatsu :iconshizamewrath:ShizameWrath 12 7 COM - Delights by tetramera COM - Delights :icontetramera:tetramera 802 0 Nebb by Sidgi Nebb :iconsidgi:Sidgi 50 0 Avonne Ol'Raim by Vincent-Wullf Avonne Ol'Raim :iconvincent-wullf:Vincent-Wullf 13 4
Drawing underrated furry species
Heya! I am going to be experimenting with drawing underrated species as an anthro / furry, whether it's mythical or not. If you know any underrated species, it would be great if you comment down in the section below so I can draw them!
What I won't accept
Popular furry species such as
- Wolf
- Fox
- Dragon
- SOME domestic dog breeds 
- SOME domestic cat breeds
- Hybrid / Crossbreed
- Made up species
- Non-Animal species
- Your characters goddammit
There may be another animal that I forgot to put on the list
A good examples
- African Elephant
- Palla Cat
- Giraffe
- Hyena
- Bottlenose Dolphin
- Hummingbird
- Harpy Eagle
- Shoebill
- Greater Flamingo
- Kookaburra
- Dwarf Caiman
- Tuatara
- Gharial
- Marine Iguana
- Gila Monster
- Axolotl
- Glass Frog
- Tiger Salamander
- Tiger Shark
- Whale Shark
- Stingray
- Salmon
- Blue Tang
- Zebra Moray
- Praying Mantis
- Goliath Birdeater
- Snail
:iconbizzarasaurus:Bizzarasaurus 4 59
Art Trade?
Anyone up for an art trade? Or even a collab if my request isn’t easy for you?
Before agreeing, let me specify some things:
1.) I’m only doing it with two or three people as an Art Trade. I don’t want to be overwhelmed, so first come-first serve. 
2.) You MUST be a decent digital artist. I’m not looking for a professional or even a super amazing partner, I just need you to be able to make clean lines and color, as well as able to draw a running animal or person. 
3.) Collab is with a friend that is an artist only. 
That being said, here’s what I’m asking for:
the picture I want (if we do an Art Trade) is Shardie and BDS running. Not just running, but Shardie is ahead of BDS (who is me), looking back at me with an open-mouthed grin as though calling playfully at me to keep up. Her position is like Shardian!Papyrus’ in this picture: 
:iconblackdragon-studios:BlackDragon-Studios 5 200
Welcome by SurealKatie Welcome :iconsurealkatie:SurealKatie 43 4 fancy by SherlockHomoHolmes fancy :iconsherlockhomoholmes:SherlockHomoHolmes 6 0 What if a Lonely Mimiku... by wsache2020 What if a Lonely Mimiku... :iconwsache2020:wsache2020 246 20 Icons by Sidgi Icons :iconsidgi:Sidgi 42 6



Basic Colored Digital
Anything basically that includes only a character, extras are 10 points each which include weapons, gadgets, excessive clothing.


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David Lee Chapman
Artist | Hobbyist | Traditional Art
United States
Profile picture made by NezuNey I am a sergal fan, as well as a halo fan, I love wolves and guns, and I greatly admire anthros, as I support them (in a way). I am also on Furaffinity… I Heart Sergals Stamp - Free Use by JustifyMySanity Art Trades: OPEN Button by ButtonsMaker and yes art trades are open to only those I know well! Pet Dragon Stamp by Sky-Yoshi Wishful Thinking by whispwill Blocking Stamp by ShinyDratini My OC's -stamp- by shorty-antics-27…


Watching the world buzz and rush, it's amazing it seems at first, till you look and observe deeply into what really happens. A bunch of shit, that's what happens. Your heart snaps often because of people who are two faced and enjoy watching you suffer. There are people who will taunt you everyday, and they don't have to be around you to do so, they can implant their thoughts and words into your mind until you're driven mad and depressed over it. There are few cracks of purity left here, but lots of darkness keeps flowing and filling places to the brim with corruption and hate. It's not the only things that happens, but it is just a whiff of what it does. Nothing is what it really seems many times, and it is hard to trust anyone anymore. Experience is something painful and required for you to have to live and function. It reminds you of what is right and wrong, often depicting the hell you went through in your past. Sometimes it is pleasant, but we tend to remember the bad things in life easier than the joyful ones. In the end, it doesn't matter who you are. You may experience things in different severities and levels; maybe even pleasant more than bad, but we always will have this stalking filth that will follow you relentlessly and always hurts you someday somehow, many times often. I dare you to look into the world and watch. You will find things rotten, even the people who look nice will go behind your back and stab it quietly, a stab that you won't feel until later on and will make you suffer. There are many things to see, but many things you'll never uncover. Cheers to the people who are real and don't look to hurt others constantly. Cheers to the friend that actually cares. Perhaps one day, maybe the cheers will outnumber the wretched curses.


Wolfpro2014 has started a donation pool!
20 / 200
Would love to have points, I need them for an commission I am going to ask someone.

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